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Google is one of the most trusted brands in providing free email services. You can use email services of to send and receive emails. Like any other email service provider, to use services from Gmail, you have to login at google accounts using Gmail Login. You will find basic features like send, receive, block, spam, and compose in your gmail account. It provides many other extraordinary features that is why it becomes most popular and user friendly email service.
In this article, we are going to talk about some salient features and their advantages of Here we provide an overview of the Gmail account login.

You must have a Google account to access/ login services of Gmail, because this email service is provided by the Google like many other services to their registered users.  For start using gmail, one must create a Google account after signing up  at or For signing up you have to follow a very simple process. After clicking on the Sign up link, you will asked to fill the Gmail Signup form.


On the gmail sign in form you will find some text boxes to fill your personal information like First Name, Last Name, Choose Username, Create Password, Confirm Password, Birth date, Mobile Number, Current email address and Captcha Text.  After filling this form your account will be created on the, and you will able to Gmail sign in next time. Whenever you will sign in at Gmail, you will be automatically signed in to the Google account. Using your Gmail login username and password you can easily access other services provided by Google like YouTube, Google Docs, Google Calendar.

Best Features of 

Gmail provides many salient features to make user friendly environment, like:
Spam Filtering – Spam folder is provided to store junk emails. Gmail uses latest technique to keep junk mails out of your inbox. Most spams are automatically piped out to the spam folder from the inbox and after 30 days they are deleted automatically.

  • Conversation View – Gmail provides a more organized conversation view. Emails related to the specific topic or event are grouped together by default. Due to this feature inbox becomes more organized and easy to handle.
  • Built-in Chat – Instant conversation is very important in the present perspective. If you are using, you don’t need any other instant messaging application because it provides chat feature also named Google hang out. It offers not only text chat, but audio and video chat also.
  • Phone call – Using this feature you can call to any phone in the world.  This service is free to make a call to anywhere in the U.S and Canada, and in other countries you can make calls on relatively low rates.
  • Gmail Security – provides a top class security to your account. At the time of Sign Up Gmail asks for the mobile number and provide you a mobile verification code to ensure that this is your authentic account. It provides some security questions which are asked when you will Sign In from the different system to ensure you authentication.
  • Mute Coversation – offers mute option. If you are tired due to B2B messages and want to stop this bullshit you can mute the particular sender using the mute option. By using this you can be ensured that you will not get any messages from the muted senders.
  • After create Gmail account, you are able to send and receive email messages. Writing an email is a very simple task. It is almost similar to the typing a message. If you want to customize your message you can use text formatting, attachments and a signature.
  • Here we are describing the method of composing and customizing an email. How to add an attachment and how to create a signature, this thing is also covered below.
  • You should start with compose window. This window is used to compose new emails. Here you can add the recipient’s email address, the subject, and the body of the email, body is the main message of the email. You are able to use different types of text formatting here in this window. If you want to send an additional file here on the Gmail, you should use the attachment feature. You can attach more than one file using more attachments.

How To Send An Email In 

  • Click on the compose button, in the left menu pane. Compose window will appear same as given in the above image.
  • Now you have to give recepient’s address in the “To:” field, here we give You can add more than one recipient also like given in the image.
  • Give subject of the email in the “Subject:” field, here we give “Photography Studio Grand Opening”
  • At the you can write the whole message as the body of your email.
  • You can add an attachment, by using the attachment button in the bottom of the compose window.
  • For sending the email you, just click on the Send button.

Responding to Email:

Receiving an email is also a feature of any email service provider, like sending an email. After receiving and reading the email on, you can choose an action from many options to give a response.

Here we are going to talk about these actions like reading emails, opening attachments, replying to the particular email, forwarding, make a star to an email etc.

Every email comes into your inbox, by default, condition is that email is not a Spam. You are able to check that which email is unread because they are bold. You can also check the subject and the name of the sender.

You have to follow following simple steps to read an email –

  • In the inbox of your Gmail account, click on the bold email, which you want to read.
  • Email will open in the same window.
  • You can add a star, if you want to read this email later.
  • After reading the email you can use Reply, Reply All, or Forward option.
  • Opening Attachments –
  • Most of the times you receive an email, contains attachments. Generally attachments need to be downloaded to view these. Attachments can contain many files like word documents, images, PDF etc. When an attachment is an image it can be viewed in the small size called a thumbnail, within the body of the email.

Managing Emails:
When you get older with Gmail, your inbox will become full of emails and it will fill with the lots of old messages. You should keep your inbox organised, so that you can easily read the desired email whenever you want. Gmail provides many extraordinary tools to manage your inbox.
In this section we will discuss about the tools which helps us to manage the inbox like Delete, Archive, Apply Label, Search etc.

Deleting the unwanted and old emails is the best way to organize inbox. You can delete emails by clicking simple Delete button. If you don’t want to delete any particular email then you can make it archive. You can also use apply label feature to make some emails labelled.

Dealing with Spams
Generally, Spam or Junk mails are sent to the Spam folder, automatically. The Spam never comes into your inbox. You can delete spam after going into the Spam folder, but it’s better to report these to Gmail, by using “Report Spam” button, as shown in the image below, so that Gmail can flush out in the future.

Archiving Emails
If you want to remove any message from your inbox, but don’t want to delete them, then you should use the archive feature of the Gmail login. You can make any email archive just clicking on the Archive button, showing in the image. Archived emails no longer in the inbox. You can access these archived messages whenever you want to read these or use these for any purpose. It is a more reliable way to manage and organize your inbox.

To view the archived emails you have to go on the left menu pane and click on the more drop down list. From there you have to select All Mails, then Gmail sign in will show all mails including your archived mails. This action is demonstrated in the image below..

Do you want to manage multiple messages ? Do you want to delete more than one message at the same time? If your answer is yes then you just use the check box given on the left side of the each email. You can check more than one check box at the same time and apply the same function on the all checked mails combined.

Working with Labels:
Gmail provides another function to organize your emails, Label. Label is the best way to manage your emails and make them more accessible. Label works same as a folder. If we want to collect similar files, we make a particular folder. Here if we want to collect similar emails we have to put them under the same label. We can apply more than one label to the one email. For example if you receive an email regarding  the bank loan, you can apply two label on it, one is  Finance and another is Loan.

For applying a label you just follow some steps
When you see a message, click on the Label drop down .
You can check the desired label as you want and then click on the apply.

Now when you see the labeled message in the inbox, you will find that label, there in the inbox with this message. As shown in the image.

You can also create a new label as your requirement. To make a new label you just click on the label button and select Create New

Type your label name and after that click on the Create. Now this label will be applied to your message.

Creating Filters:
Filters are used to performing actions automatically on the messages when they arrived in the inbox. You can create filters for some particular sender, recipient, subject or specific words which contained in the message body.

Search an Email:
This feature of Search Email of, allows you to perform Google Search in your email, which is a basic feature of the Google. Using this you can find any message in your inbox doesn’t matter it is new or old.

In the search box, you just type some search term and click on the find button.

Now your inbox will display your search results. Now you can read your desired email.
Gmail For Mobiles:

Gmail is available for every mobile device, doesn’t matter which type of mobile you are using. It is always easy to use service of Google on your mobile. Smart phones with different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, can provide all services from Google. Each platform provides email application . You can also use official Gmail App for the iPhone and Android.

You can use your phone’s browser to use the orthodox Gmail same as the PC. You just need to open a browser and Sign in to the  The Same steps are applicable here for the crating account and Gmail Login and Gmail Sign in. You can use the traditional features of Gmail using the browser of the phone.

If you want to use Gmail account, you can do this in two ways –
The email App- If you have more than one email accounts you should use the native email app on your smart phone. It is more efficient to manage and organize your multiple email account at the single place.

Official Gmail App – This app is available for iOS and Android.  This app looks like the desktop version. But it includes some custom Gmail feature also, maybe they are not available in the native app on your device. Step-2 Verification

The verification code is sent to the number the user supplied during the setup process. Gmail has a feature of having an automated call to spell out the code. Also, the user has an option to check the “Trust this computer” check box especially in situations where the computer is personal and only used by trusted parties. However, it is noteworthy that the 2-step verification process is only applicable when is open using a computer browser. The procedure does not work for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices.

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